Partial Solar Eclipse – Connecticut

During the last few weeks, almost everything in North America was about the solar eclipse that happened on April 8. It was the last total solar eclipse in North America until 2045. It swept the […]

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Bird Breath Photography – Connecticut

I love every season, but at late February and especially when March arrives, I am usually looking forward to the end of winter. For me, here in the northeastern United States, a familiar voice of […]

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Backyard Wildlife Photography – Connecticut

I like photographing wildlife in my backyard, especially during winter. Fortunately, this season brought some snowy days to Connecticut and I had the opportunity to do some bird photography in the snow around my feeder. […]

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Bird Photography in the Snow – Connecticut

Last week there were several snowstorms here in New England, so I found myself in my photo blind once again. My bird feeding platform in the backyard is very successful and fortunately lots of birds […]

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Winter Bird Photography in my Backyard – Connecticut

The last few winters were unusually warm here in Connecticut and we didn’t have any substantial snow fall since the 2020–2021 winter. Fortunately, this January we finally got some snow and a few days of […]

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Highlights from 2023

As we near the end of 2023, I wanted to look back and dig through my photography archives. I already posted my best images in my blog throughout the year and I don’t want to […]

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Gray Seal Photography on the Beach at Cape Cod – Massachusetts

We visited Cape Cod in Massachusetts to see some seals. Last year, I had some success photographing them in the Cape Cod National Seashore (map). There are a few different seal species in New England […]

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Fall Color Photography in Connecticut

Autumn is a wonderful season for landscape photography as the foliage turns into a colorful spectacle. However, this fall we had lots of rainstorms in New England, so I didn’t do as much landscape photography […]

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Unusual Overwintering Behavior of Squirrels and Chipmunks

Autumn usually brings big changes in the life of wild animals. Many birds migrate to warmer places, insects and other arthropods normally try to find shelters to overwinter either as adults, pupae, larvae or eggs. […]

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Rabbits and Other Wildlife in my Backyard – Connecticut

One of the perks of having a backyard in a small town is the opportunity to watch all kinds of wildlife around the house. We try to keep our backyard wildlife friendly with not too […]

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Nature Photography in the Swiss Alps

Early September, we went to Switzerland for a few days. Our trip was both business and pleasure. Gabi attended a conference in Zurich, while I did some wildlife photography, and we also hiked together in […]

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Fireflies – Connecticut

The “firefly season” is a few weeks long summer spectacle on the Northeast. I really enjoy spending some time outside at dusk watching and photographing this wonderful phenomenon. This year I didn’t take any close-up […]

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Nature Photography at Prince Edward Island – Canada

The main goal of our recent East Canada road trip was to visit Prince Edward Island, the smallest Canadian province. We spent three nights here and had two full days to explore this amazing region. […]

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East Canada Road Trip: NB, PEI, NS

At the end of May and early June, Gabi and I went on a long road trip to Eastern Canada. We visited three provinces: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. We planned to […]

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Cover Story in Földgömb Magazine: Oahu, Hawaii

Conquest of Paradise – Vanishing Wildlife of Oahu (Hawaii). My article about the invasive species on the island of Oahu, Hawaii has been published in Földgömb magazine. Földgömb (The Globe) is a Hungarian magazine published […]

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Hortobágy National Park in Hungary Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Hungary’s first national park was established on January 1, 1973 in Hortobágy to protect the area’s unique natural and ethnographic values. It is located on the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) in the eastern part of […]

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Highlights from 2022

With the new year approaching, it’s a good time to look back at the past year. 2022 was not a bad year for me as a nature photographer. I had some big adventures (maybe not […]

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Late Fall in Shenandoah National Park – Virginia

Gabi and I planned an almost two week long Florida road trip for early November, but decided to turn back from North Carolina when we learned about a hurricane that was visiting Florida the same […]

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Gray Seal Photography at Cape Code National Seashore – Massachusetts

Last week, we spent a few days in Massachusetts. While Gabi was attending the annual DEL Symposium in Boston, I spent two days at Cape Cod National Seashore (map) to photograph gray seals (Halichoerus grypus). […]

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Fall Trip to the Green Mountains – Vermont

Last weekend, Gabi and I did a short leaf-peeping trip to the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. Even though it wasn’t a photography trip, I took my photo equipment and hoped to find a […]

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Nature Photography at Baxter State Park – Maine

I spent a week in Maine at the end of September. I camped near Baxter State Park (map), just like two years ago and visited the park every day. My main goal was to photograph […]

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