New Article in Természetbúvár: Invasive animals

My latest article has been published in the 2/2021 issue of Természetbúvár magazine in Hungary. This is my 10th article in the most popular natural history magazine of the country. The article is about the […]

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2020: The Year in Review

2020 was a crazy year for all of us with the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. We had to change or postpone most of our plans. I didn’t go out doing nature photography as much as I […]

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White-tailed Deer in the Snow – Connecticut

We live in a house next to the woods so there is a lot of wildlife in our backyard. Beside the birds, we enjoy watching the chipmunks and the rabbits during the summer and we […]

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Backyard Birds – Connecticut

A few months ago, Gabi and I moved into a house, so we finally have a backyard. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac right next to the woods, so we can enjoy watching […]

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Baxter State Park – Maine

This year is very unique for everyone with the COVID-19 all around. I didn’t go out to do any nature photography since spring, however, as the fall arrived, I couldn’t resist to go for some […]

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Tree swallow and bluebird photography in Connecticut

As most of us, I too had to change my plans for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest change for me was that I had to postpone my film photography plans because […]

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Bird Photography with the Canon EOS-1 film camera

Last week, I finally had an opportunity to test my Canon EOS-1 film camera. I wanted to photograph birds so I could test the autofocus system of this relatively old camera. I went to the […]

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Back to Film with a 30-year-old Canon EOS-1

We may all have thought that analog photography is dead. Most photographers switched to digital when DSLRs first became affordable. I bought my first digital EOS camera in 2005 and when I got my beloved […]

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New Article in Természetbúvár: National Parks from the beginning

My latest article has been published in the 1/2020 issue of Természetbúvár magazine in Hungary. It’s about the protected areas in the USA. The article is illustrated with my images.

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Highlights from 2019

As I hoped at the end of last year, 2019 became a very adventurous year for us. The main event was that we moved back to the Northeast and we feel very fortunate to live […]

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West Rock State Park – Connecticut

I love road trips, but it’s always good to explore the places near home too. Fortunately, there are a lot of great state parks in Connecticut. Last weekend, Gabi and I visited the West Rock […]

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Fall Colors in the Green Mountains – Vermont

The fall color season still lasts in New England, so last weekend Gabi and I did another road trip to enjoy it. This time, we went to the Green Mountains of Vermont (map). This area […]

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Fall Colors in the White Mountains – New Hampshire

Last weekend, Gabi and I drove to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for leaf peeping (map). We haven’t seen the fall foliage for eight years, so we were very excited about moving back to […]

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We Moved to Connecticut

At the beginning of September, Gabi and I moved from Texas to Connecticut. We really love living in the Northeast again. We love the New England landscape of rolling hills, forests, small ponds and streams […]

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New Article in Természetbúvár: Climate Change and Animals

My latest article has been published in the 4/2019 issue of Természetbúvár magazine in Hungary. It’s about how climate change effects animal behavior. The article is illustrated with my images.

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Monument Valley – Arizona, Utah

Besides the cactus covered mountains in southern Arizona, probably the best-known location of the American West is the Monument Valley on the border of Arizona and Utah, so we didn’t want to miss it on […]

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Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

One of the main reasons of our recent road trip was to see the Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. The gorge of the Colorado River is one of the Wonders of the World […]

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Saguaro National Park – Arizona

After leaving the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, we drove to Tucson, Arizona, where we visited the Saguaro National Park. This park consists of two separate areas and it’s the home to the […]

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Carlsbad Caverns National Park – New Mexico

The last week of May, Gabi and I went on a big road trip to the Wild West. We visited four national parks and one tribal park. Our first destination was the Carlsbad Caverns National […]

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Nature First

Nature photography has undergone a huge transformation in the last few years with the rise of different social media platforms and digital technology that made much easier to take photos. More and more people are […]

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Wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country

Gabi and I spent the last weekend of March in the Texas Hill Country to see wildflowers. This time of year, bluebonnets and other wildflowers are blooming all along the roadways in Texas. Unfortunately, the […]

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