Gábor Ruff

I am a wildlife biologist, ecologist and natural history photographer with deep commitment to nature conservation.

My love of nature and animals started in my childhood. Growing up in a small town in Hungary (map), I had a lot of opportunities to spend countless hours exploring nature and observing the secret life of wild animals. As I became older, I wanted to document my observations and started doing nature photography. Photographing in the wild quickly became my passion and since then, I have devoted a lot of time to nature photography.

My interest in the natural world has led me to become a biologist. I studied Biology, with a specialization in Ecology at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Since I gained my MSc degree in Biology, I have chased numerous species with my photo equipment in Hungary, North America and Hawaii. As a nature photographer with background in ecology, my aim is to explore and document the natural history of wildlife and their habitats. Through my photography, I try to inform and educate people about the natural world as well as to promote nature conservation at levels from species to ecosystems.

Currently I live in Hamden, Connecticut, USA with my wife, Gabi.