2018: The Year in Review

As the end of each year draws to a close, I usually look back over my photography of the past year and select 10 images that mostly highlight my work in the year. This past year, however, was a little different for me professionally than before. It was slow, to say the least. I barely got outside to be honest; I just wasn’t really inspired in 2018. Nevertheless, I have been working on some future projects and I published another article too which I’m very proud of. The point is I don’t have 10 images I’ve taken in 2018 that I am really happy with. I decided to post only one image from 2018 and not because I find this image particularly good, but because this place was the only place I visited this year in Texas and really enjoyed.

I hope 2019 will bring a little more adventure! 🙂 Happy New Year to everyone!

Bluebonnets in Texas

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