Solar Eclipse in Texas

The Great American Eclipse took place yesterday. The entire continuous United States experienced at least a partial solar eclipse and from Oregon to South Carolina the moon blacked out the sun entirely. In Texas it was only a partial eclipse and in Houston there were clouds in the sky, but it was awesome anyway. I planned to take some photos, but I couldn’t find a solar filter (I waited until last minute and they were all sold out), so photographing the eclipse was bit of a challenge. I put my 3 stops ND filter on my longest lens and my polarizer filter too that gave me another 2 stops. I also used my 1.4x extender, so I could use f/45 to stop down the sun as much as possible and I set my camera to 1/8000 sec, but it still wasn’t dark enough even at ISO100. Fortunately, the clouds helped me a little and one of the photos turned out almost as I imagined before and I could capture some sun spots too during the eclipse.

Gear: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 300mm F/4, Canon 1.4x Extender, Manfrotto tripod

Solar Eclipse

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